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Much More Than The Operating Costs of Your House
Excerpts from Interview with Bill Reed by Daily Journal of Commerce

Sustainability is much more than the operating costs of your house. On Blueberry Lane, sustainability takes many forms to help sustain the environment, the Blueberry community and the neighborhood through renewable energy resources. Following are a few contributors to overall sustainability.

Sustaining The Character of the Neighborhood
We are preserving the historic integrity of the old Craftsman homes in Eliot by building new Craftsman style homes with basements, attics, leaves and overhangs, double porches and a historic color palette.  Older homes allow for diversity and different types of living within one structure. We integrate the old way and the new way by acknowledging that sustainability is important without overriding the character of the neighborhood.

Sustaining Energy Through Off Street Parking

This benefits the owners, in terms of time savings and stress reduction, by not having to circle the block looking for a place to park. Parking has a secondary and tertiary affect. How do you calculate the costs of road wear, oil, carbon monoxide emissions and gas? Eliot was designed before cars, with no garages. As more houses go in, there will be fewer parking places. People want to live close in and take public transpiration to work. But Portlanders love the outdoors and have gear. They may use their car one time a week but they need a place for it and their kayaks.

Sustaining Our Natural Resources
Our Common Green creates a Cul De Sac Community. We reduce the heat island effect, with no vehicles on grade level. This cools the grounds and encourages involvement with nature through edible pathways and a common organic garden. Our native plantings and pervious pavers reduce storm water run off.

Sustaining Our Health and Well Being
Our edible Blueberry bushes along the common path create involvement with nature and the community. Your plants should be ones to nibble on. We will also have vegetables, herbs and fruit-bearing trees on the Common Green. We believe that areas are maintained better if people benefit. Inside the homes, the state of the art Reed Green System provides the highest levels of indoor air quality achieved with a hybrid Geo Thermal and centralized fan system. Green materials include zero VOC paints, Green Label Plus CFI certified carpeting, Bamboo flooring, and granite counter tops.

Sustaining Our Energy Using Green Screen Energy Feedback System

The missing ingredient with energy usage is our ability to understand how our actions affect our operating costs. Typically, energy usage is billed 45 days later and paid 20 days after that. We lose the connection. With the old woodpile, you knew what you were using up. With water buckets, you knew how much it took to take a shower or bath. Our Green Screen energy feedback system allows us to operate our homes like our cars. If you have no speedometer, temperature gauge, or gas gauge, you have no idea about the condition of your car. Today, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. With our system, you can view your usage in real time on a Green Screen in every home. Sensors in the tanks will monitor energy use and feed information to homeowners who can assess their home’s “vital signs.” You can watch how your energy is used, see what different features are economically viable and adapt your habits to be more sustainable. Make it fun!

Sustaining Energy with Community Involvement
How people contribute to their community creates congruency. Members realize their social obligations and their positive economic consequences. You should not have to change your living habits every time there are energy changes. Blueberry residents with shared values will, naturally come together to strengthen the community and activate common interests that create a synergistic effect.

Sustaining Energy with High Performance, Reed Green System
We will use Geo Thermal, Super insulation with envelope construction, rainwater harvesting, recycled concrete for retaining walls, a centralized fan system, and many other components that will help us achieve the USGBC LEED Platinum certification for highest level of sustainability.


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