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Bill Reed

Visionary developer and CEO of Village Green Homes and R & RBill Reed, Blueberry Lane Developer Energy Resources, Bill Reed has been building affordable, energy efficient homes and plexes for the last 15 years in NE Portland. His Standard Dairy project won the Governor's Livability Award in 2000 for pushing the bounds of site design and architecture, energy efficiency and good use of materials with 79% more energy efficiency than required by code.The Dairy is considered the keystone project in the economic revitalization of Eliot. He considers Blueberry Lane a continuation of his commitment to sustainability in Eliot.

Bill's current passion continues to be Elite Care at Oatfield Estates in Milwaukee, OR. Rather than retiring, Lydia and Bill decided to leave a legacy by creating Extended Family Residences, an elder care community with a fresh approach. Their criteria in developing both Elite Care and Blueberry Lane is: "Would I live there?" Bill's experience growing up in a large extended family helped shape his unique vision. The Elite Care model, offers Craftsman-style homes for elders who value close relationships and meaningful community, and uses state of the art technology for monitoring and providing resident care with a family Portal for web access to vital information. The model is considered the future of elder care. Fanno Creek Elite Care, a new two-house model opened in Tigard, OR, in early 2008 and is almost fully occupied.

Village Green Homes was created to build "gen mix" communities that are "Sustainable for Generations"to serve families of all ages and stages. Blueberry Lane supports this extended family approach by offering five high performance homes with open space designs and private entry lower level suites within a LEED Platinum community. The next LEED Platinum Community will be Village Green Homes on Knoll--six Craftsman homes, eight paired town homes and 24 Elite Care suites in Tigard, OR.  Bill believes theses villages will help young children benefit from surrogate grandparents.

Lydia Lundberg

Lydia LundbergInternational speaker, and founder of Elite Care at Oatfield Estate and Fanno Creek, as well as Elite Care Technologies, Lydia, co-developer of Blueberry Lane and wife of Bill Reed, is an appointed Delegate to the White House on Aging and has exhibited Elite Care's technology at the Conference on Aging at the White House. Lydia speaks internationally about the future of elder care, and Elite Care's role as a leader in the industry. Elite Care is the cornerstone for creating multi-generational communities in which elders can feel safe, loved, and respected. Lydia brings her expertise in design to their many projects including the interiors of Blueberry Lane homes.

Lily Lilly

Lily LillyLilly is partnering with Bill and Lydia on development of Blueberry Lane and other Village Green Homes projects. She brings her expertise in sustainable building materials (SBA certified) and LEED documentation to the project, as well as her background in real estate development/investing, community building and strategic branding. Lilly is a past president of NSA Oregon, local chapter of the National Speaker’s Association, and serves as a commissioner on the CCAC, Tigard’s Urban Renewal Advisory Commission. Her company, Lillywing Group, consults with organizations on green branding, leadership, and sustainable systems.


  • Bill Reed--Owner/builder, R &  R Energy Resources: land use planning, sustainable design, energy engineering, mechanical engineering, systems integration, green building, LEED.
  • Lydia Lundberg—Owner/builder: land use planning, sustainable design, residential building design.
  • Lily Lilly—Developer: land use planning, residential building design, sustainable design, LEED, materials specification.
  • David Bonn—Designer: sustainable design, residential building design, building science, LEED.
  • Bill Pascoe—Engineer: sustainable design, residential building design, mechanical engineering, performance testing, schematic drawings.
  • Bill Lenz, R & R Energy Resources: land use planning, sustainable design, systems integration, green construction, LEED.

Thank you advisors, alliances and vendors:
 With your unwavering support, Blueberry Lane is on track to achieve USGBC certification as Our Nation's First LEED Platinum Inner City Subdivision of Single Family Homes.

You are the special people who are helping us sustain our leadership role in high performance Building.

  • Earth Advantage LEED
  • Office of Sustainable Development
  • Oregon Energy Trust
  • Sustainable Building Advisors
  • Mark Reed, MJP, financials
  • Michael Tunscon, Eterne, color palette
  • Erin Davis, Mosaik Design—kitchen and bath design
  • Megan Twilliger, Pistils Nursery, sustainable landscape planning and design.
  • Advancement Technologies, Inc., website
  • Watkins and Associates, sustainable home analysis
  • Debbie Walker, Vance International, kitchen design
  • Intrepid Marble and Granite, tile design
  • Pratt and Larson, tile design
  • More to be added to list


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