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You Should Never Take More Than You Give
Feeling part of ancient cosmology helps us feel rooted within our community, creating a sense of place and purpose to something larger such as harmonizing with sky, tree, river, wind, animals, everything. And, if we live in harmony with our Planet, we can't waste, or hurt, or abuse what is naturally provided. The Blueberry community naturally respects this process as a conduit between humans and nature. We are microcosms of the larger universe. Our homes keep us healthy and happy when they mimic patterns of nature.  

I See Friends Shakin’ Hands, Saying How Do You Do
House names based on natural energy resources help create an awareness of the energy exchange that works at many levels within community to create belonging, sense of place, and connection to purpose for living sustainably. A shared vision opens up
conversation about our own natural resources, and those embodied by our homes. This connectivity to our roots adds substance, depth, and possibilities for juicy conversations about feeing part of something greater. Awareness, conversation, connection, shared purpose and then action move us to Live Our Talk.

How Use of Natural Resources Guide LEED Certification

  • Earth: Site orientation, thermal massing, geo-thermal, Site recycling
  • Air/Wind:  Site orientation, day lighting, HVAC, air to air heat exchange
  • Fire/Heat: Passive solar, PV's, radiant heat, HVAC.
  • Water: Rainwater harvesting, storm water mitigation, recycling gray water
  • Gas/Ether (Idea): Transformational energy exchange, lightness, the space for creativity and meaning

How Natural Elements Are Found in Our Bodies

Our “Blueberries” are like temples that nourish souls, just as our body temples crave real foods.  What sustains us at home is the process of blending our own energies with the naturally renewable energies that are harnessed to support us. Once this is truly felt, and lived, we know at a deep level the meaning of living the Blueway on Blueberry Lane (See Vision Section).

Earth–solid state of matter—bones, teeth, cells, tissue. This manifests as stability, permanence and rigidity.

Air–gaseous form of matter. Oxygen is the basis for all energy transfer reactions, the key element for fire to burn. Wind is the motion of air, and maintains photosynthesis where planets take in C02 and water, with oxygen as a by-product.

Firehas the power to transform solids into liquids, to gas and back again. Fire energy binds atoms together, and converts food to fat and muscle, creates impulses feelings and thought processes.

WaterLiquid state for survival of all things. The human body is made of mostly water. Blood, lymph and fluids move among our cells and through vessels bringing energy, carrying away wastes, regulating temperature, fighting disease and carrying information from one area to another

Ether/Gas–Transformational process of converting one energy form into another. That unlimited, invisible space or glue that creates meaning and connection. This element often refers to soul energy, the unseen sense of “meaning” that evolves from the four natural elements. Some traditions call it Ether, the space in which everything happens.

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