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Our Nation' First LEED PLATINUM Inner City Subdivision
of Single Family Homes

Location: Neighborhood, Land

  • 65-75 NE Graham Street between NE Williams and NE Rodney, east
    of MLK and ten blocks North of Lloyd Center. One half block from
    public transit and Vancouver/Williams major bike thoroughfare, 10 minutes from downtown.
  • Located within the historic Eliot neighborhood, Craftsman-Style homes preserve classic look and feel of old Portland.
  • Parcel, 13,000 sf., high density, urban infill.
  • Common Green of 1650 sf. jointly owned by residents through HOA.

Homes: Specs, Reservations, Occupancy

  • Five High Performance Homes—One gut reconstruction facing Graham: 3660 sf., 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths. Four new homes with
    rear access parking, 2072-2480 sf., 4-5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths.
  • 3-4 levels, attic views, tucked under garages, open floor plans,
    private entry to lower level Boomerang Suite (for loved ones who
    keep coming back.)
  • High ceilings, open floor design, gas fireplaces.
  • Fee Simple ownership (not condo).
  • Homes named for five natural energy resources: Geo/Earth,
    Breeze/Air, Sun/Fire, Mist/Water, Light/Gas, Ether (lightness of
    being, transformation.)
  • Three move-in ready homes—Geo, Sun, Light.
  • Mid 500’s to High 600’s
  • Reservations: Sign up on Blueberry First Pick List. Contact Lilly.
  • Deposits accepted after Grand Opening Event Sept 28. (see flyer)

Sustainability Features

  • Reed Green hybrid products achieve LEED Platinum levels of energy efficiency: Geo-Sun, Green Screen, Fan Central, Cool Break, Urbanite Delight.
  • Granite countertops, Energy Star stainless, Bamboo flooring, Green Label Plus carpeting, triple glazed windows, recycled decking.
  • Life Breathe Air to Air Heat Exchange, radiant heat for bathroom floors.
  • Rainwater Harvesting for toilets.
  • Low Flow 1.1gpf toilets; low flow faucets and showerheads.
  • Envelope Construction, ICF’s, super insulation.
  • Central Wet-Dry Vac.
  • Zero VOC Paint.
  • Landscaping: drought resistant, native plantings and organic
    Blueberry bushes for random nibbling along the Lane.
  • Utility Bill Guarantee--Save 90% on energy costs.

Sustainable Community Building

  • Owners will decide how they will  Live Their Talk to make a difference in their community, neighborhood, City and Planet. And have fun.
  • Residents will share commitment to sustainability practices.

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