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65-75 NE Graham Street
Portland, Oregon, USA

Blueberry Site Plan
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Fresh, Healthy, and Ready for Picking

Find Your Thrill

Remember summertime blueberry picking--that burst of succulent juices, the fun of nibbling along the lane, the taste of times past when the living was easy. There’s a place called Blueberry Lane where you might recapture some of that thrill. It’s just down the way from Blueberry Hill where some say dreams come true..

Come on over for some picking. Our five high performance “Blueberries” are ripe and ready.

Let your Love Fly Like a Bird on the Wing.
It’s the Season. That’s the Reason.

Imagine cool breezes and sunsets from your sky balcony, waving to your neighbors from a bird’s eye view, sharing organic potlucks from your garden and sampling all the blueberries you can eat along the community’s edible pathway. All of this fresh nostalgia and close knit living can be found right in the heart of Eliot in NE Portland, just half a block from public transportation, ten blocks from Lloyd Center, and a ten minute bike ride to downtown on the Vancouver/Williams corridor Bike Thoroughfare.

Looking For Space and Find Out Who You AreBlueberry Rear View

With Craftsman-style detail and open space designs, these five homes blend old and new--mixing simple elegance with LEED Platinum technologies. This high density subdivision on 13,000 sf. surrounds a Common Green—a fresh oasis from recycled from asphalt. Homes ranging from 2072-3660 sf. provide flexible living space on 3-4 levels, from finished basements to finished attics, with 4-6 bedrooms--each with its own bathroom. All have private entry lower Boomerang Suites suitable for those loved ones who keep coming back.

The largest home (3660 sf) facing Graham Street is a gut reconstruction with massive double balconies, a master on the main, and a two car garage. The four new homes, with rear entry parking for compact-eco cars, have high ceilings, finished attics with views, and balconies galore. All five homes offer LEED Platinum levels of energy efficiency and healthy indoor quality from systems developed by Reed Green. We even offer a Utility Bill Guarantee where you’ll save 90% on your energy costs.

Take Me Home to the Place I Belong

We’re imaging that Blueberry Lane could become the extended family community you’ve been seeking. We invite you to linger along the Lane, explore the fresh nostalgia, and savor the idea of coming home to a new Blueway of well being, comfort and joy.

High Five Vision: Homes Named for Natural Energy ResourcesBlueberry Design from Rear

Our vision for Blueberry Lane is to create a community of five high performance homes named for the five natural energy resources that would sustain them. These elements of antiquity are: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Gas (Ether). So, welcome Geo House (Earth), Breeze House (Air), Sun House (Fire), Mist House (Water), and "Light House (Gas/Ether). The fifth element represents “lightness of being” from an optimum energy exchange that satisfies the question of “what does all of this mean?” when the elements work together.

Living “Blueberries” Create Healthy Energy Exchange

Just as anti-oxidants in edible blueberries create good health, “Blueberry” homes create optimum well being through the use of natural energy resources: heating and cooling from the earth; fresh air from our air to air heat exchange system; hydronic heat and reusable water from rainwater catchment cisterns; passive solar from green construction design and clean, gas powered systems from the conversion of natural elements into gas.

By using renewable resources, we are participating in the natural energy exchange that brings nature inside and expands our living area outside onto balconies and decks. These precious, renewable elements come from nature and connect us back to nature as we participate in the vast exchange of all renewable systems including our own bodies, homes, community, and planet. Blueberry Site Rendered

It’s the Circle of Life and It Moves us All

To that end, each “Blueberry” has a unique look and feel based on its energy name. Each home mimics nature’s colors and textures. From our deepest roots in the Savannah plains of Africa, we learned to instinctively respond to natural elements—the openness of sky, the warmth of the sun, the bounty from the earth, the nourishing rains and cooling breezes. Likewise, we as human beings come from nature. We are made from nature. We give back to nature. We are part of something that matters. This is why we feel so good when we’re inside a “Blueberry” with fresh air, soothing colors and open design that connect us to a larger system. Our homes keep us healthy and happy when we live in concert with patterns of nature. As within. So without.

MORE about Natural Energy Resources-- LEED certification,
and as elements in human bodies.

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